Kenyan Government Has Successfully Retrieved Kenyan Teacher Who Was Placed In Quarantine In China

Kenyan government has successfully retrieved Kenyan teacher who was placed in quarantine in China.

The Government of Kenya has successfully retrieved a Kenyan teacher and his family who were forcefully placed in quarantine in China.

Ambassador Sarah Serem did not reveal the circumstances behind one Mr Elly Wafula, his wife and one-year-old child being apprehended at their home and forced into a Chinese government quarantine facility.

Protest letters written from several African countries.

The incident comes in the wake of protest letters written by emissaries from several African countries on what they termed as discrimination against their citizens legally living in China.

kenyan teacher in chinese

After a few days in forced quarantine, Mr Wafula and his family are back in their home where they will observe a 14-day self quarantine period.

Amb. Serem has asked Kenyans living in the Asian country to offer themselves up for testing to avoid similar run-ins with law enforcement autorities.


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