Just How Many Times Will Conjestina Achieng Be ‘Helped’?

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I don’t know how to start this, but let’s jump straight into the mud. Conjestina Achieng needs help. Again.

A few days ago, media personality Carol Radull visited the ailing legendary boxer at their family home in Yala and it was a sad revelation.

In her update, Rudull mentioned that Achieng needs more than Rehab, to get her back on her feet.

Now let’s go back a while.

On November 2nd 2018, Governor Mike Sonko airlifted an ailing Conjestina Achieng from Kisumu to Nairobi for rehabilitation purposes and medical attention, promising to give her a job once she is treated.

But as it stands now, it looks like it was all PR.

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Carol Radull visits Conjestina Acheing at their family home in Yala (Courtesy )

Part of Radull’s long post addressed the same saying:

“I know many have tried to assist her in various ways but unfortunately a lot of those moves have not worked. I am no medical expert; but I see little sense in taking someone to rehab for some time then returning them to the same challenging environment.”

Now let’s go back again.

In 2012, a group of Kenyan celebs joined hands and launched a campaign to have Kenya’s former World boxing champion Conjestina “Hands of Stone” Achieng get proper medical attention and attain full recovery.

The fundraising was spearheaded by rapper Hurbet Nakitare “Nonini”, top comedian Daniel Ndambuki “Churchill” and Ambassador Yvonne Khamati and raised over Sh454,000.

Resolution Health pledged to provide a full year medical cover for Conjestina and his son for a full year besides contributing Sh100,000. No one knows whether that happened or not. Anyway, we are in 2020.

The Yvonne Khamati Foundation promised to pay for her to undertake a Diploma course is sports psychology and counselling at Eden Therapy College after he recovery.

Look at where we are now! back to zero. Who is fooling who?

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