Jalang’o Claims Someone Wants To Hack His Popular YouTube Channel

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Comedian and Radio host Jalang’o has disclosed a ploy by unknown individuals, to have his Jalang’o TV YouTube channel hacked.

In a post he shared on his Insta-stories, the Kiss 100 presenter said that even as he has been trying to work hard, there are people who are always planning his downfall.

He went on to state that he has been struggling to get back his hacked Twitter account and some people are already planning how they can hack his YouTube channel.

“This life does not belong to the faint hearted! Each and every day, all we do is push the grind! How sad that even as you try to just work hard people are always just planning for your downfall… As we speak, I am still struggling to get my twitter back…but they are now struggling and plotting to Hack our YouTube channel,” read part of his post.

Jalang’o noted that the unknown individuals think they are fighting him, but in reality, they are fighting a bigger God, and that their actions will hurt so many people.

Heavy J Baba mentioned that the Jalang’o TV channel has never been about him alone, and he has a team of over 20 people depending on the channel.

He added that he is only the face of the channel, as he called on the perpetrators not to hurt other people, promising that he will keep working hard regardless.

“You know they do these things thinking they are fighting me…No you are fighting a bigger God who has put us here! You hurt so many people thinking you are Hurting me! This channel has never been about me alone…I have 20 people who work with me to bring the team work… I am just the Face! Don’t Hurt people. Anyway we will keep pushing!!” said Jalang’o.

In other posts, the comedian shared screenshots of a conversation believed to be from the person who hired the hacker, and the hacker.

Source: Pulse 

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