Jackie Matubia Talks About Her Abandonment Issues With Her Mother

Jackie Matubia talks about her abandonment issues with her mother.

Remember Jackie Matubia from Tahidi high? She used to be sassy on the show and featured as a mean girl. Many actually thought that that was her actual personality and now that she’s all grown up and was married and now has a child. The TV star is currently working for Rembo TV and was previously working for Switch TV has opened up about her mummy issues.

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Jackie admits that she’s been dealing with rejection from her mother.

My mum was married to my biological dad and then she had me. So the first time I had an issue with my marriage nikaenda nikamwambia she was like ‘I hope history doesn’t repeat itself’ mama na baba waliachana and it really messed me up because nilikuwa namovishwa from one family to another, before you trust someone ushatolewa.

The mother of one said that after her mother remarried she felt as if she was treated like an outcast. She mentioned that back in the day getting a husband with a child was challenging.

Tatizo ilikuwa kuniaccept. Back in the day ukiolewa ukiwa na mtoto ilikuwa shida it’s not like today. It was really tough for me

She welcomed her first child with Nyogz but rumour has it that the two did not work things out because they started seeing other people on the side.

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