Huddah Munroe Posts A Photo And Fans Troll Her For Looking Fake

Huddah Munroe posted a photo and fans trolled her for looking fake.

Huddah Monroe is still having the time of her life overseas despite the untimely pandemic that has hit the country.

However, this time she got trolled for makeup gone wrong, that left her face lighter than her arms and the photo looking too modified for anything real.

Fans thought something looked off.

Sharing a photo of herself – looking pretty tall, donning a plain white jumpsuit – fans admitted something was amiss.


The petite socialite intended to give her fans a challenge to guess her height in return for an Insta following from her.

I look sooo tall! I’m very short!
You getting a follow back for guessing my right height! Let’s goooo! Following the next 100 people ????????‍♀️????????‍♀️????????‍♀️

But instead of sticking to the agenda, the screen caught the followers´ attention instead.

Some lamenting she had too much filter on, others admitting her face was now yellow while another asked whether she had gone under the knife to achieve that look.


One fan noted that Huddah looked over-filtered.

But baby boo, filter de to much now.????

Huddah then clapped back:

LOOL! Why y’all so bothered ????

But honestly what had she put on her face? Or was it the camera?


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