New Government Rules Matatu Users Will Have To Follow

Government has issued new rules that matatu users have to follow.

Housing and Urban Development PS Charles Hinga on Thursday addressed a press conference on reducing the spread of the Coronavirus through the public transport system.

PS Hinga gave six directives that he prescribed to both commuters and matatu operators in Kenya.

Top among the new directives is that matatu operators in the long-distance sector will be required to keep a detailed passenger manifest to ease tracing of individuals in case of exposure.


Here is the full list of the new directives issued:

  1. Refrain from unnecessary trips and where possible localize travel to between 0 and 5-kilometre radius on foot or bicycle.
  2. Commuters to maintain strict wash and board policy while maintaining personal hygiene.
  3. Avoid extensive skin contact when travelling in PSVs, wear clothes that cover arms and legs.
  4. When travelling in matatus cough and sneeze hygienically.
  5. Maintain vigilance on their symptoms and avoid public transport if they suspect they are ill.
  6. To assist with traceability of passengers, long-distance operators to keep a detailed passenger manifest.

In addition, matatu operators within the city have been encouraged to sensitize their clients on the need for social distancing as the only proven measure to curb the spread of the deadly virus.


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