5 Gorgeous Photos Of Kenya’s First COVID-19 Patient That We Totally Love

Ivy Brenda Cherotich is a lot more than COVID-19, she’s also gorgeous.

Miss Brenda was the first COVID-19 patient in Kenya and was recently released from her 23 day isolation period at Mbagathi hospital. When she came out she not only spoke to the president but she also got a lot of media attention.

But she’s a lot more than Corona, she mentioned of Jeff Koinange’s show on Citizen that she’s an engineer and in case you didn’t know she’s also a model.

She is the reigning Miss Tourism Kenya Hospitality 2018 to 2020.

Check out her photos below.

1. Miss Tourism

miss tourism kenya

2. She’s a pretty lady

brenda cherotich

3. And definitely a model


4. Also pretty smart


5. Miss engineer


Brenda urged everyone to stay at home and but also said that even if there’s no cure for COVID-19 it was quite manageable for her while she was in quarantine.

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