Former Tahidi High Actress Kellen Pleads For Help To Raise School Fees For Her Kids

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Former Tahidi High actress Joyce Kimani, popularly known as Kellen on the local show has called on the fans and Kenyans in general to help her get her kids through school.

Speaking to, the young thespian shared how life has been tough on her ever since the show stopped airing and they were left without an income.

According to the mother of two, she has been living from hand to mouth, moving from one cheap house to the other while still trying to educate her children, but now, everything seems to overwhelm her.

Unknown to most people, Kellen is an orphan who grew up in a children’s home and right now she has no one else to run to for help.

”I have a fee balance of about KSh 71K and I am not able to pay since I no longer working. I was on Tahidi High programme and since they stopped running the programme, I have nothing.

I am also physically challenged, I walk on a canvas and the one i am using is completely worn out. I totally need help, I can’t even pay my rent.

I have a boy in form two who is also at home now because of school fees. I also have a daughter in form four who was only given a reprieve because she is doing her final exams, but I have been told to clear her school fees of about KSh 71K,” she said.

The entertainer has been trying to run her business but the pandemic has also seen her run into losses and lose clients.

She had been out of work since January 2020 and decided to try doing a little business to help her put food on the table for herself and children.

”I started a cooking business but what happens is that in most times, I end up throwing a lot of food and that has even affected me to a point I cannot even raise money to pay for the kiosk I am renting,” she added.

Kellen had to move from the house she was living to a cheaper one and even with that, she still cannot pay for the monthly rent.

She is a single mother and she says, all was well when she was working and booking episodes at Tahidi High and when the show started going down, it was a bit hard to even book one show.

Right now, her only plea is that people would come through for her and support her so that she can be able to secure her children’s future.

Her fellow thespian Omosh also received massive help after publicly asking for help. He also revealed that it became so hard for him to take care of his two wives and five children.

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