A Fan Told Hamisa That She Broke Zari’s Home And This Was Her Response

Hamisa was accused of breaking Zari’s home and this is what she said.

Hamisa Mobetto is tired and fed up of being told she wrecked Zari and Diamond Platnumz home.

According to her, the relationship shared between her and the Bongo singer was real and not forced like most people tend to paint it out.

Hamisa didn’t take it lightly.

However we are not quite sure how we would refer to a person sleeping with men in serious relationships; but as for Hamisa Mobetto she will no longer take the ‘home wrecker‘ title.

Just recently the model was forced to have a bitter exchange with one of her followers. As seen on the screenshot, the fan cake out bashing Hamisa Mobetto for wrecking people’s relationships.

The fan wrote;

Akikucheat unaachana nae mjinga, weh mbona was uliingilia Mapenzi ya wengine, kumbe inauma eh!!! Fal Kwel

Hamisa Mobetto claps back.

Hamisa on the other hand did not care much as clapped back asking the fan to take some water to ease her thirst; since it appeared that she was chocking from all the bitterness in her comment.

Hamisa clapped back saying;

Ebu shushia na maji kidogo naona umekabwa

Hamisa is always being attacked.

This is however not the first time Hamisa Mobetto is having an altercation with one of her fans over the Zari and Diamond issues.

Just a few weeks ago rumor had it that she was spotted rolling around in Diamond Platnumz car; just days before Tanasha Donna walked out on the singer.

According to several gossip tabloids; Hamisa Mobetto is known for sneaking into people’s relationships

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