Ezekiel Mutua Threatens To Stop Artistes Like Mejja From Ever Performing In Public

Ezekiel Mutua has threatened to stop artistes like Mejja from ever performing in public events.

Moral cop, Dr Ezekiel Mutua is at the very least, impressed by the viral ‘Utawezana’ hit that has taken over the inter-webs since April 1st.

The Kenya Film and Classification Board CEO, censured the jam as ‘glorifying immorality in the guise of creativity’.

Through his Facebook account, Dr Ezekiel bashed:

The Okonkwo utawezana nonsense is a shallow, bizarre sexual perversion. There’s absolutely nothing creative there. That lady would be ashamed to sing such crap before her mother. While comic relief is an integral part of art, it needs not be dirty or sexualized to be entertaining.

Assuring ‘Utawezana’ artistes and those involved:

The Board will take stern measures against artistes who misuse digital technology to promote immorality by creating, broadcasting, distributing or exhibiting immorality and unpalatable content. Such people should not be considered as artistes. But enemies of society and a threat to the well being of our children. They should not benefit from any Government funds.

The media ethics’ chief-whip said the artistes risk being blacklisted from any engagements with the government.

The Board will blacklist these kinds of perverts and share their names with the relevant ministries and Government agencies to ensure that they are never engaged by Government.

Reasoning which also makes sense:

Right now kids are at home and have access to technology as an essential tool for their studies. It’s wrong to have content that can ruin their morals being circulated with wanton abandon. It’s worse when mainstream media begins to glorify such dirty content by giving the creators airtime on TV or Radio.

Do you think Ezekiel is being too strict?

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