Lamu Elders Have Told Residents That Swimming In The Indian Ocean Contains Coronavirus

Swimming in the Indian Ocean daily can help contain the coronavirus, Lamu elders have told residents.

The elders said the saline Indian Ocean waters can kill germs, viruses and bacteria. Led by Kizingitini elder Khaldun Vae, they said Indian Ocean water also has the ability to treat various ailments.

Lamu residents have for decades believed that the saline water holds medicinal value.   Speaking in Kizingitini on Monday, the elders said the seawater can cure the coronavirus and offer immunity to those who haven’t contracted it.

Vae urged immune-suppressed residents to swim once a day to protect themselves.  


Our ancestors used seawater to cure flu, common cold and other viral illnesses. We are advising people to adopt swimming as a preventive and curative measure against Covid-19.

Elder Kassim Shee said handwashing and sanitising are important but people should go swimming as an additional measure.

People think all problems can only be solved by science and chemicals. What we are telling you is what has proved effective for decades.

Lamu hasn’t recorded a single case of the Covid-19 since the first patient was recorded in the country on March 12.

The elders said that was proof enough that Lamu has a natural protective mechanism against the virus which is the Indian Ocean.

People think it’s crazy but we know the power of the Indian Ocean. We have been around for long and we know.

Lamu county has used water from the Indian Ocean to fumigate public areas, jetties and the seafront in Lamu town to combat the coronavirus.

The County Disaster Unit secured an executive order from Governor Fahim Twaha two weeks ago to use the seawater as a disinfectant.

(H/T The Star)


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