Ladies, Get Your Kenyan Made Disposable Female Urination Funnels

Ladies, you don’t have to stress while peeing anymore. 

Whether you’re going for an event or a road trip, an encounter with dirty toilets can get frustrating.  However, a new product, Dada Dada, makes life a little easier.

Francis Mwangi Kimani, the founder of Dada Dada Kenya has come up with a gadget that aids women in peeing with no stress when in such circumstances.

The Disposable Female Urination Funnels, helps women to urinate in comfort. Kimani said.

“Dada Dada is a line of hygiene products our lead product is the disposable female urination funnel that is aimed at helping women pee in comfort because in our country most of the public toilets are not very clean and this will help women from contracting Urinary Tract Infections (UTI), from dirty toilets or holding your urine for long,”

A pack of the newly-launched Disposable Female Urination Funnels from Dada Dada Kenya. PHOTO | SYLVANIA AMBANI

He continues;

“I decided to go with disposable female urination funnels because of hygiene in such kind of places like public toilets getting a sanitizer and water is another thing. I researched for a whole year and finally came up with a design. The funnel is made from paper, which is one hundred percent biodegradable, and is locally made,”

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