Confusion As Police Donate Foodstuff And Not Teargas To Residents

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Residents of Kiambu County are a surprised lot after police officers ambushed them with donations worth Sh392,000.

With police brutality on the rice around the world, no one really expects something good from the men and women in service but that was not the case for a least 520 needy families from 12 sub-counties who received maize and wheat flour, beans, rice, cooking oil, rice and soap.

In Kwamathore village, Lari sub-county, residents told The Star they were terrified when they saw police officers entering their homes. Some thought the police had come to arrest them.

Simon Mburu, a resident in the area said he was stunned when the police arrived with the donations.

“We thought they were looking for suspects, or they were investigating a case or tracing someone who could have signs of the coronavirus,”

Beneficiary Lillian Wangechi thanked Gituamba chief Peter Ndonga for helping police identify vulnerable residents as the effects of Covid-19 has left peasant farmers poorer.

“We cannot go far, casual jobs are scarce and feeding our families has become a problem. On the other hand, we have elderly parents here who depend on us, life is hard. It is a blessing from God to receive this kind of donation,”

She said.

Richard Ndung’u, another beneficiary, said he will pray that the police be blessed.


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