Chiki, Bien’s Girlfriend, Opens Up About Having Breast Lift Surgery

At least she is being honest about it.

Chiki is a dance choreographer who was raised in Queen´s land and chose to move permanently to Kenya. She admitted that the relocation was one of the best decisions she ever made.

My uncle, being a war correspondent, lives in Kenya because it is quite a calm country. My two friends who we lived with while in the UK, are half Kenyan and they were coming home. I decided that I´m coming with them and it was literally as simple as that. I came here and I was Like ¨this place rocks. I´m staying. I´m not going.¨ I found Kenya so beautiful and the people are really easy-going.

chiki kuruka
image: SDE

But even as Chiki thinks of her future here, especially with her fiance Sauti Sol member Bien, she claims that she has made up her mind on getting a breast lift after giving birth. She says;

“I don’t think it’s anyone’s business the decisions that someone else makes regarding their body. I’ve seen the genes in my family and children don’t do us very well. When I look at my aunts and their boobs are by their hips, I just don’t want that to be my story. Not reconstruction surgery, just put me back the way I was before.”

Would you get a breast lift?

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