Former Radio queen Caroline Mutoko, has lashed out at Kenyan men for their carefree attitude on Covid-19, which she says is the reason the number of infection among them is high.

Mutoko, posted a video on social media saying that the laxity exhibited by men when it comes to hygiene is the main cause of them dying from coronavirus.

“Gentlemen can we speak candidly, corona is hospitalizing more men than women and I can only speak for my country. Covid-19 is taking our men, not just because Covid-19 is predisposed to a chromosome, this is not an X, Y issue,”

Mutoko said.

“Let me start with the obvious’. We all know wanaume hamuwezi ambiwa. Number two you hate water. Someone has to tell you to wash your hands. The very idea that lazima uoge kwanza sasa kuna baridi,” she added.

The outspoken media personality also said that going out and hustling for a living should not be an excuse for men to throw caution to the wind and not observe the prevention measures issued by the government.

“Don’t give me the story about fending for families – there’s no ‘fending’ at 1 am in a bar. Gentlemen – get serious. COVID-19 kills.

“For heaven’s sake even if you don’t care for a small virus, care about the lives that depend on you. If you are a father you do not belong to yourself, you belong to your children. So if you choose not to wash your hands and sanitise.

“If you choose not to wear your mask properly not as a chin guard you put all your lives at risk not just yours but that of your family. My fellow countrymen take this disease seriously. Covid-19 is not predisposed to attack men,”

She said.

Watch it here:

CoronaVirus and our men

Trigger warning (and you will be triggered)There's a way our men act, think, and react to illness and especially to COVID-19 that will see alot of them; sick, hospitalised and even dead.Don't give me the story about fending for families – there's no "fending" at 1am in a bar.Gentlemen – get serious. COVID-19 Kills.

Posted by Caroline Mutoko on Sunday, July 19, 2020

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