Britam Have Apologised For Terrible Cake Made To Celebrate Uganda Airlines’ First Anniversary

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Britam Uganda has apologized to Uganda Airlines after embarrassing themselves and the airline with their cake.

This comes after photos of a cake they backed for the carrier in celebration of their first anniversary went viral.

The photos of the cake went viral for the wrong reasons, the cake may as well have been in celebration of a plane crash, online audiences commented.

“We tried baking a cake and fell flat on our faces! You may have seen unflattering photos of what was our attempt to celebrate Uganda Airlines’s first anniversary online,” the insurance firm said while owning up to the embarrassment of a cake.

To make amends, Britam Uganda chief executive officer, Allan Mafabi, announced a bake-off challenge for a cake to be presented to the Ugandan airline.

“The best design will be funded to bake and personally present the cake to Uganda Airlines in addition to delivering a donation to a charity of their choice courtesy of Britam Uganda and Uganda Airlines,” said Mafabi.

The firm said the top four bakers will get a contract to bake a cake for four charities within Kampala.

Those interested in participating in the challenge have been asked to upload their digital profile and cake design here.

The deadline for submission is Wednesday, September 2020.

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