Angry Boda Boda Rides Torch Government Property After Colleague Died In Controversial Circumstances

Angry boda boda riders torched government property after colleague died in controversial circumstances.

A group of boda boda riders from Misikhu, Bungoma County on Sunday, April 26 stormed the home of an Assistant Chief in Magemo area of Webuye, Bungoma County and torched government property including two motorbikes and a tractor.

The boda boda riders were protesting the death of their colleague who allegedly died in controversial circumstances after being arrested.

The Assistant Chief, identified as John Wafula, who was in a meeting with other Chiefs, was forced to flee as the riders bayed for his blood.

He said:

I had been visited by about six of my fellow chiefs who came to see me after I was attacked by one of the people I had taken action against for breaking the law.

Wafula told reporters:

As we were just sitting there, we heard that the individual had been arrested in Misikhu, Bungoma. Some moments later, we heard a convoy of motorbikes coming towards the house. We had to flee for our own safety.

According to Jamin Ndala, chief for Ndivisi, the deceased individual identified asRobert Nasongo had been hosting more than 20 people who drank the illicit brew known as chang’aa at his home.

He alleged that Nasongo possibly had underlying health issues as he sought to explain how he died soon after being arrested.

The young man is called Robert Nasongo, he had gathered people at his home, more than 20 people drinking chang’aa which is against the government directives on Covid-19.

He continued:

The Assistant Chief went and tried to disperse them but his quest bore no fruit as he was assaulted for his trouble. The young man was arrested and it’s like he had other health issues or something else and he died soon after.

He stated:

Now, his colleagues from Misikhu who also ride boda bodas stormed this place hoping to destroy property.

The situation cooled down after police officers arrived at the scene where the riders had left a trail of destruction.

The riders were strongly urged from taking the law into their own hands even as officials sought to assure residents that a probe into the matter would be carried.

Ndala noted that the chiefs from neighbouring locations had paid Wafula a visit following his assault when all hell broke loose.

Robert’s mother, Carolyne Nasongo, pointed an accusing finger at police officers who arrested her son, accusing them of having a hand in his death.


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