Kenyans Lash At Bahati After Featuring Boondocks Gang In New Song (Video)

Bahati, a gospel singer, has featured the secular Gengetone group, Boondocks Gang, in his new Gospel song,  “TANIUA”. 

While Kenyans are used to their provocative lyrics, Bahati has convinced the group to tone down for his new song. Regardless of this, however, Kenyans have criticized the collaboration, saying that it is not aligned with Christianity.

While the music video is trending, fans claim to only watch the music video because of Boondocks. One commenter wrote;

‘_ferrar.i_ Views ni za boondocks si zako kasee’

Bahati goes after Boondocks Gang for his new song “Taniua” and Kenyans can’t keep calm (Video)
image: Pulse Live

Besides that, several others came out to confront Bahati about how hypocritical his music video is;

kapelopuya “Bahati wewe ni msani wa gospel na unatoa kolabo na watu wanaimba nonces ati ma punyeto….ii ata si ngoma ni Kiki mna tafta”

ndekere_wambui “I remembered your story nikajua ulikuwa unatafuta doo na fame hukuna gospel uko nayo like ni za boondocks gang mwanaume .😂😂”

elvisrix192019 “siuimbe tu genge kuliko ujifanye unaimba gospel….acha kudanganya Mungu brathee”

sylviawangarii ‘Kuja secular bro acha kutupigisha corner ata pozeee alianzaa ivo na bado tunamsupport”

lynn_posha “Pliiiz do secular in peace with involving and dirtifying the church. You even got guts to make fun of the Lord’s Prayer on the cross. I wunt judge but these are the end times people.Stay woke. God is never to be mocked”

kaka_abuu ‘Slowly @bahatikenya loosing content now joins punyetto gang ,, gengetone style 😆😆😆😆”

You can watch the music video here;


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