KOT Demands Freedom For Jowie After Babu Is Released On Kes 10 Million Bail

Babu Owino is finally free. 

And not for a small price either, the MP was released on a Kes 10 million bail!

babu owino
image: giphy

Guess he won’t be sleeping on the mattresses his colleague, politician, and singer Jaguar bought for him.

But while he gets to sleep somewhere more comfortable, the court ordered that he could not drink alcohol. However, he was also smoking shisha when he shot the DJ at B Club, so should he not have that too?

All of this seemed unfair to Kenyans who thought that if Babu Owino is released, so should Jowie. Afterall, Jowie has been behind bars for almost a year now; after being linked to the murder of Monica.

As the investigation continues, Jowie remains behind bars since he was denied bond, while Babu Owino was caught on camera shooting Evolve and gets his bail approved.

babu owino
Image: twitter
babu owino
image: twitter

What are your thoughts? 


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