5 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Men Who Drink Vodka

Every man has their poison.

There are those who take whiskey, some who take wine, and those who take beer. However, vodka is a harsh drink made only to get drunk and it really says a lot about the guy(s) you’re with.

There is no etiquette with vodka like there is with wine or whiskey, nor does it have a casual nature of a nice beer. If you are trying to class up this coming 2020, get rid of men constantly drink vodka every time they go out and get you a nice, whiskey-drinking man.

Here are 7 reasons you should stay away from men who drink vodka.

1. Vodka is cheap.

A bottle of vodka is fairly affordable, its a cheap way to get drunk, especially when they split the money among friends to buy bottles.

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2. Meaning they are probably broke.

Get you a guy who can buy you some wine, cocktails, or whiskey.

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3. They just want to get drunk.

Vodka takes you there fairly quickly.

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4. Which obviously shows their intentions with you.

Unless they are casual friends, then fine. Otherwise, he’s probably trying to hit that.


5. Vodka isn’t the most enjoyable drink.

It’s tasteless and bitter, and it leaves this reaction.

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Wine, whiskey or a cocktail is far better.

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