As We Fight Racism In America, Indian Landlords In Kenya Are Turning Away Black Tenants

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As we condemn racism in America, Indian landlords in Kenya are having a field day with their shenanigans.

Apparently, they would rather have their houses empty than leasing them to non-Indians.

Those in areas like Lang’ata and Parklands have been called out over this discrimination with a number of celebs including Khaligraph Jones and Radio presenter Oga Obinna having received the same treatment.

Shiksha Arora, a K24 TV news anchor has also called out her own people for refusing to rent apartments to other ethnic groups.

“Many Kenyan Indian landlords especially in Langata & Parklands would rather leave their units empty rather than rent to certain ethnic groups. The most common excuse is “This house is limited to vegetarians only”. Those posting #blacklivesmatter can you look inward first?”

Shiksha posed on Twitter.

“Some Kenyan Indians who own residential properties are known to have turned away individuals based on their ethnicity.

There’s a lot of hypocrisy around this. Why call out racism in America while practicing anti-blackness in your own country? Don’t turn a blind eye to such cases,”

She continued.

Khaligraph shared her sentiments saying he was refused entry to an apartment block where he wanted to rent because, well, he was not Indian.

The same thing happened to comedian and Radio presenter Oga Obinna in Parklands where a security guy blatantly told him that blacks were not allowed at the place.

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