Akorino model Careh ready to settle down But Says Men Fear Her

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Akorino fashion model and celebrity make-up artiste, Careh Priscilla, has revealed that she will soon get off the singles market, at least if everything goes according to her plans.

However, there is one little problem that might interfere with this, she confesses.

In an interview with Nairobi News, the stylish model revealed that men seem to fear approaching her as she would have loved, especially fellow members of her Akorino faith.

“If I am to be honest, I’m at a point in my life where I need to settle down. I don’t want to get to my 30th birthday without having ticked this box.

“I’m yet to find my perfect match. Not so many men approach me more so the Akorinos. Maybe they feel intimidated by me.”

The model said that the few men who have already been brave enough to approach her for a relationship do not meet her threshold for her dream Mr Right.


The soft-spoken lass, who is in her 20s also revealed that, despite her strict religion, she is open to getting married to any man but only on one condition:

“You have to be a born-again Christian that’s all I need, doesn’t matter what’s your denomination. Problem is that most guys who bug me aren’t really born again.” She added.

similarly, she confessed, very few of the born-again men who have approached her seem to be ready for a long-term commitment.

“You see in our church for the ladies it’s all about preserving our purity. We are not allowed to date and this is what most men want.

Once a man shows interest in you, and you like him, you have to notify the church immediately.

“Then you guys enter in a courtship that has to last not beyond six months and you are not allowed to have sex. During this time, you get to meet each other’s family and dowry is paid. Once the courtship period is done, you wed.”

Careh is currently single and seriously searching for the right man to wife her off her feet and carry her into the sunset. Do you have what it takes?

In the meantime, Careh said she will keep herself busy running her Careh Beauty shop on Koinange Street in Nairobi’s Central Business District.

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