Aisha Laila, Suspects Mother Claims That Teccra’s Family Did Not Like Her Son Because He Was Poor

Aisha Laila, suspects mother claims that Teccra’s fmily did not like her son because he was poor. 

For the past 51 years, Omar Lali did not, even in his wildest dream, imagine he would be a person of interest in any criminal investigations, especially one involving the demise of his lover.

Unfortunately, this is his current reality since he was with Tecra before she met her death after allegedly falling down the stairs.

Omar Lali and Tecra Muigai.

Lali said he loved Tecra and could not have hurt her in any way.  Speaking to the Standard, the suspect said contrary to all the rumours making rounds on the internet, he loved the deceased and was very special to him.

He said:

They told my brother to tell me to confess to punching her. Why would I punch her or kill her? Why can’t people accept God’s will? I am suffering without her. That girl was special and I will never find anyone like her.

Teccra’s partner narrated the events.

Tecra’s partner narrated the events before her death and after the fateful night when she allegedly fell from stairs and he was awoken by a thud and a single scream.

He said he tried to do first aid to her and a few moments later, the Keroche Breweries heiress spoke to him and said she was in great pain on her head and limbs.

Rushed to hospital.

She was rushed to Shela dispensary and later transferred to King Fahd County Hospital for advanced medical care.

Due to delays in the hospitals, he called Tecra’s mother, Tabitha Karanja, who later sent a helicopter to evacuate the deceased to Nairobi Hospital.

Lali was hosted by the Karanja’s for a couple of days.

Lali was hosted by the Karanja’s for a couple days and he would go check on his lover while at the facility where one doctor told him she was improving.

A day later, he moved into a hotel and the fourth day, he was escorted back to Lamu by police officers.

He said:

On arrival, they told me she had died. His distraught mother, Aisha Lali, said his son was suffering because he was poor. She said he did not have anything to do with the unfortunate demise of the billionaire’s daughter.

Since the beginning, they did not like him. He is suffering because he is poor,” Aisha Lali told the press.

Lali’s cousin added the Karanja’s had not given their daughter their blessings for her relationship. But she chose to stick by him despite the disapproval. This came a day after Tecra’s lover was detained for 21 days to allow the completion of investigations.

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