A Father Employed His Son As A Watchman At His Company & Celebrated It On Social Media

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Felix Obazee, the CEO of Fionet Security Services, has ignited a debate on social media after employing his son, Uyiogosa, as a security guard in his company.

The Nigerian dad proudly shared photos of the young man donned in the company’s security uniform and said he wanted to instill discipline and cultivate in him the quality of patience and hard work for future prosperity.

In the post, he posed rhetorical questions, asking people if they would choose to teach their children their business or shield them with the flimsy excuse that they do not want them to suffer.

Obazee thanked God for the grace He has given him to bring up responsible children, people that would become leaders of their generation.


The post which he shared on his Linkedin received numerous reactions as many commended his parenting style and how his story inspired them. 

Source: Tuko

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