80 Per cent of Kenyan Lawmakers Smoke Marijuana – Senator Ledama Olekina

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Narok Senator Ledama Olekina revived his calls for marijuana decriminalization in Kenya saying it’s high time the country had a serious conversation about the economic benefits of legalizing the plant.

Speaking on Spice FM Wednesday, the senator presumed that a significant number of Kenyan lawmakers smoke marijuana.

“Let me not kid you. Right now, in parliament, probably 80 percent of the lawmakers smoke marijuana,” Lekina said.

The senator was speaking alongside researcher Gwada Ogot, who in 2017 presented a petition before the Senate’s Health Committee calling for the decriminalization and legalization of marijuana in Kenya.

The pair challenged the stereotype associated with Marijuana saying the plant might be the pot of gold that could save the country.

Noting that marijuana was legal in Kenya before it was banned in 1914 during the British colonial period, Ogot said Kenyans and Africans did not choose to decriminalize it.

Source: NairobiWire

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