80 KDF Soldiers Have Tested Positive For Covid-19

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80 KDF soldiers have reportedly tested positive to the fast-spreading virus forcing authorities to place all military barracks across the country under restrictions of movements.

According to reports, It started with 3 military officers at the Embakasi barracks testing positive to COVID – 19.

Sources have revealed to Citizen that the confirmation of the cases sent shivers down the spines of high ranking military men in the Kenya Defence Forces.

KDF moved with speed to ensure the virus does not spread like bush fire among the Kenyan soldiers.

A good number of officers were moved to Kahawa barracks along Thika superhighway as a containment measure.

And then doors to one of Kenya’s most secure area were shut, No entry and No exit except for special cases.

No one has since been going in or out of the facility and even soldiers who were on leave were shut out and ordered to remain at home and those residing outside the barracks ordered to move back into the barracks.

Sources however say the virus had already taken position inside the Embakasi barracks.

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