5 Things You Didn’t Know About Late President Moi

How well did you know ex-President Moi? 

Almost everyone knows him as the longest-serving Kenyan president and his controversial rule. However, points to you if you know the rest of these nifty facts about him.

1. He was healthy AF 

No wonder he lived for as long as he did. He liked tea or porridge with boiled green maize for breakfast and he did not have alcoholic drinks.

president moi
image: Alkhaleej

2. He had a photographic memory

He used to call his DCs or PCs without referring to any phone book. He is said to have a photographic memory.

president moi
image: Global Black History

3. He was generous

He spent around Sh10 million annually on charity.

president moi
image: Al Jazeera

4. He enjoys fast driving

president moi
image: Kenyan Report

5. He slept in a tent twice.  On both occasions, the former President was on a tour to meet the people.

president moi
image: The conversation

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