10 Photos That Show Just How Brutal Kenya Police Can Be

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After God, fear Kenya police.

So yesterday after some of us failed to beat the curfew, we had to deal with the blue boys and it was brutal I tell you.

Forget about this being an article, consider it as a one on one chat. A friendly chat. Police brutality is not a new topic in this republic, but the more we talk about it, the more force is used at the slightest provocation.

The 7 pm curfew is a containment measure to slow down the spread of the naval coronavirus pandemic that is currently devastating the world. Either the police have no clue how the Rona spreads or they are just ignorant like they have always been.

Check out these photos and be the judge. Nini husumbua polisi wa Kenya? Smh!

1. They are even aiding the spread of the virus na hawajui.

a4e46042 curfew1 scaled


2. Will these people ever know how to deal with the masses? 

7c9ffd62 curfew3


3. This guy looks like he is going to fight with the Rona himuselufu

19019a9c curfew4


4. Why the brutality though? 


5. They didn’t spare even journalists. 


6. And they teargassed even women and children. Smh!  


7. Nkt!!! 

c3de4b64 curfew7


8. Ready to shoot the Rona

d1cc6fce curfew8

9. Coronavirus should be very, very scared. 

a1c3083e curfew9


10. Run!!! 

ef970b97 curfew10


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