Trump Responds To His Own Tweets On Twitter About Coronavirus

Trump responds to his own tweets on twitter about corona.

President Donald Trump began talking to himself about coronavirus during an hours-long Twitter rant that saw him rail against the ‘Lamestream media,’ ‘Fake News’ and his political rivals.

The president’s Twitter outburst on Sunday followed two consecutive days without his daily press briefings.

Trump’s last televised address to the nation on Friday was one of his shortest and came after he was highly criticized for suggesting that ingesting disinfectants may be a treatment for the virus.

The short briefing ended with the president dramatically leaving without taking questions from reporters. Trump has since ramped up his presence on Twitter so dramatically that he has even started responding to his own tweets regarding the outbreak.

‘So true!’ the president replied to a April 25 tweet in which he wrote:


Trump’s self-congratulatory dialogue with himself capped off a seething attack on reporters who won ‘Noble (Nobel) prizes’ and are looking into his administration, who he said should be ‘turning back their cherished Nobles.’

He then threatened to sue the ‘Noble committee’ if it did not take the awards back.


However, many began speculating that Trump was referring to Pulitzer Prizes, not Nobel Prizes because it is uncommon for a journalist to win a Nobel Prize unless it is the literature award, which he later addressed by claiming he was joking, writing

Does sarcasm ever work?

The president then went on to lash out at reports that he is ‘angrily eating a hamburger & Diet Coke’ in his bedroom instead of working to bring the nation back from the public health crisis.

The bizarre tweet was Trump’s second attempt at it after he originally posted with ‘hamberders’ instead of ‘hamburgers.’

Trump contested the claim that he is eating fast food in his bedroom by asserting he hadn’t left the White House in ‘many months,’ although he did hold a rally in Charlotte, North Carolina last month.

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