Stonebwoy Employed Dr. Louisa’s Nurses To Pull A Surprise On Her And It Was So Romantic

Dr. Louisa, wife of dancehall artiste, Stonebwoy was completely caught off guard when her husband employed the nurses to pull a Valentine surprise on her.

With her husband far away from home, the unsuspecting doctor definitely was not expecting anything more than a phone call or a text message but Stonebwoy managed to make her day.

Stonebwoy surprises Dr. Louisa on Val's day.
Stonebwoy and wife, Dr. Louisa Satekla

So with the help of the nurses [not sure of how they contributed, maybe for keeping the secrete], the BHiM president had his wife’s office decorated with balloons and candlelight and left a message on a card saying:

“For you, Valentine. I love with all my heart”

A surprised Louisa who could not contain the moment of joy shared the gesture on Instagram.

So @stonebwoybĀ pulled a fast one on me and got me bad!! All my nurses and staff members were in on this šŸ˜‚Happy Valentineā€™s my love and a very happy Valentineā€™s Day to all Bhimnatives- we love you dearly. #RomanticRasta,ā€ she captioned the post.

Stonebwoy got applauds from the public and colleague musicians.

Is Stonebwoy the most romantic Ghanaian musician alive?

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