Sammy Tom Brown Shoots Music Video Begging Nana Ama For A Comeback

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Whilst we hope for a cure to end the novel coronavirus, Sammy is working tirelessly to get his bae back.

Who is Sammy Tom Brown? Sammy and his girlfriend, Nana Ama [well, until the incident] made headlines when they broke up after he cheated. The heartbroken Sammy was seen in a viral video crying his heart out.

After several attempts to convince Nana Ama proved futile, Sammy has taken it a notch higher by featuring in a music video which coincidentally is titled “Nana Ama.”

Here is a full gist of the breakup

The song made waves during the time the incident was trending and… oh massive shoutouts to Blezzdee for this smart move. You got OMGVoice talking about your song for free.

Here is a snippet to the video


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