Trotro Diaries: Someone Pranked Bus Conductor With Ghc20 Printed On A Piece Of Cloth And He Fell Hopelessly For It

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One can only imagine the frenzy on an early Monday morning bus to work when a bus conductor, widely known in the local parlance, as ‘mate’ got pranked big time.

The Trotro mate, according to Jnr Lecrea Gonewild, spotted a Gh20.00 note [at least, that was what he thought] at Korle-Bu and ordered the driver to stop.

To his surprise, the currency was actually printed on a piece of cloth. The disappointed mate joined the bus with his ‘cloth money’ in hand.

Jnr Lecrea who witnessed the incident posted about it in Trotro Diaries — one of the Ghana-based vibrant groups on Facebook.

“So this morning someone set trap wey bra mate fall for am.
We got to korle bu, bra mate spotted this 20ghc note on the floor. Fast he ordered the driver to stop the car. Went to pick it up and to his surprise instead of (20ghc note) he got (20ghc cloth),” Jnr Lecrea narrated in his post.

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