Photos From Last Saturday’s Clash Between ATL And Oguaa Halls In UCC

The Two halls of residence in the University of Cape Coast (UCC) have reportedly gone up against each other in a renewed clash.

This comes as a surprise as the two halls have barely been involved in any fracas over the years.

Ucc halls in brawl

The brawl is believed to have begun during the early hours of Saturday as Oguaa Hall celebrated it’s annual Junior Common Room (JCR) Week, reports.

UCC halls in brawl

Students of the two Halls attacked one another with stones and other weapons leaving some of them injured, the University has said.

Ucc halls in brawl

Properties belonging to both the school and the students were destroyed in the chaos.

The students also burnt two motorbikes during the fracas.

Burnt bikes

Investigations have been launched by the police to find the perpetrators. No arrest has been made yet.



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