As Ghana’s COVID-19 Cases Climb To 2,074, Here Are Some Hilarious “By June De3” Tweets By Social Media Users

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A popular term in Ghana that suggests the world will be wiped out by June due to the ravaging coronavirus disease as the numbers keep soaring.

As of April 30, 2020, Ghana’s total cases stood at 2,074 with a backlog of tests still ongoing.

The term “by June de3” found its way into Twitter trends and it is morbid how something as serious as death is being joked with — me, I’m not ready to die oo.

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1. She said “keep going”

2. Check out this “by June de3” freestyle.

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3. Looks like some people have made peace with the fact that THEY are dying in June na me paa de3


4. Hmmm, how we go do am

5. Please don’t take this guy’s advise — unless you’ve also made peace with yourself

**To be updated…


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