15-Year-Old Girl Injects Herself With Boyfriend’s HIV-Positive Blood To Prove Here Love

Be it in Shakespearen sonnets or in real life, I have seen people do absolutely crazy things when they’re in love.

Some have cried in love, sacrificed in love, and even avenged in love, but what I am hearing for the first time and hopefully for the last time is an incident, where a woman self-sabotaged herself in love, by injecting herself with HIV.


A news that has startled people with just how bizarre it is, after a 15-year-old woman from the Suwal Kuchchi village in Assam, India decided to make a grand gesture for her love and lover by doing the most unpredictable thing ever.

Having met on Facebook, Suwal had been dating a guy for 3 years until she realized that her lover was HIV positive. Heartbroken at the discovery, the young 15 year old decided to do something to be together with him by injecting his blood into her body, which subsequently made her HIV positive.

After Suwal’s family learnt of her erratic and life-threatening decision, they initiated legal proceedings against her lover. It was also discovered how the minor had tried to flee with her lover several times before but was always brought back by her parents.

Meanwhile, Twitter is still having a hard time adjusting to the piece of news. One user wrote, “love is blind taken to extreme level”, while someone else commented, “There was a better way of getting infected with HIV for love. If only there was awareness.”

The girl is presently under medical care.


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