These Photos Of Calvary Charismatic Centre Practicing Social Distancing Are Just Beautiful

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In President Akufo-Addo’s 10th COVID-19 address, he announced the easing of restrictions on the social gatherings and some churches in Ghana had their first service in twelve weeks.

He mentioned that among the strategies proposed were strict hygienic and handwashing protocols, properly spaced sitting arrangements, wearing of facemasks to church, no handshakes, and no waving of handkerchiefs at church and not more than hundred congregants.

However, some churches refused to reopen until further notice.

Calvary Charismatic Centre, a church based in Kumasi were among the first few churches to reopen. In photos shared by a Twitter user, @desmond185 the authorities of the church can be commended for their compliance with the new directives.

Here are photo from the church.

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