British Couple Caught Getting Intimate In A Park Despite Lock down Rules

A British couple was caught getting intimate in a park despite lock down rules.

Social distancing has forced many couples to spend time apart as some countries go into lockdown because of the coronavirus pandemic.

But for some, it’s an opportunity to break the rules.

The couple was caught on camera.

For this couple, breaking the rules and the law was all caught on camera.

While taking a run over the weekend, a female jogger spotted two people lying in long grass in South Norwood Country Park, Croydon.

Once she realised what they were doing, she stopped and filmed 13 seconds of the encounter.

At 2pm, during my afternoon jog, I spotted two morons having sex by the woodlands in South Norwood Country Park.

There were children around.

It was in plain sight and children were around. So much for staying home and saving lives.Disgusting!

It seems that breaking the law for a little bit of frisky behaviour isn’t just confined to the UK.

Just last week a Cape Town man and an unidentified woman were slapped with a R1 500 fine for having sex in public during lockdown.

A police source said they spotted a silver Hyundai i10 parked on a vacant property in Sayed Abdul Samad Street in Westridge in Mitchells Plain.

The windows were rolled up and steamed up, and the car was rocking.

We did our normal nightshift lockdown patrols in Mitchells Plain when we came across this suspicious silver car parked on a property that has no house or fencing, it’s just an empty plot.When we got closer, they didn’t even notice that we were there until we knocked on the window.


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