Photo: RaeVinnsCloset/Instagram

This is Irene Mensah.


A young Ghanaian fashion designer who is creating unique lingerie styles with just crocheting and they are just amazing.

Check out some of her works below.

1. This bra.


2. These sexy lingerie’s.


3. This is a must have.


4. Enjoy the beach like you’ve never done before.


5. Won’t you wish you had one of these?


6. And these?


7. You need to change your wardrobe and you know it.


8. We know, you wish you had one.


9. Yes! One was made just out of the love of the country.


10. Sweet.


11. You can’t deny the fact that this is just nice.


12. What do you have to say about this?


13. And this…


14. What about this.


15. A perfect example.


16. Com’on!!! You need one.


17. Say no more.


18. You got exactly what you need.


19. We know you’re loving it.


20. Just like this one.

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