Palazzo Pants are very fashionable

There’s nothing better than a clothing item that is fashionable, and comfortable. Palazzo pants offer a wide array of styling options. You can wear the Palazzo to work, for brunch, dinner or even to the club, depending on how you style it. Here are some styling ideas!


1.  Pair the Pallazo with a nice button down shirt for a mature look

You can either button up fully, or leave a few buttons open, depending on your style preference.


2.  Bare your midriff

Crop tops look amazing when paired with Palazzos. If you don’t want to show too much skin, you can wear a crop top that does not ride high.


3. Go casual, with a loose Tshirt and some bold jewellery


4.  Off shoulder tops look amazing when worn with Palazzo’s

Don’t pass off the opportunity to bare your sexy shoulders with an off shoulder top.


5.  Tank tops are also a great option

If you plan to keep things simple and classy, you can wear a tank top with your Palazzo.


6. Floral patterns work really well too!

If you want to ‘dress up’ a bit, go with a floral patterned top.


7. Tshirts are super comfortable and stylish too

If you want to go with a simple look that’s still quite chic, then pair your Palazzo with a T shirt.


8. Going to work? Pair your Palazzo with a blazer