Nothing makes a woman feel more powerful than strutting in a pair of heels

Heels are amazing, but wearing them can be quite a struggle. Here are some things women who wear heels will definitely relate to.

1. Trying to work comfortably in a really high pair of heels is quite a struggle


2. Thinking you can manage to walk all day in a pair of heels, and not taking a pair of flat shoes along

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3. Then crying when your feet start to ache and you have nothing to change into

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4. Getting painful blisters on your feet

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5. Having numb feet all day 

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6.  Having your toes squished together when you wear peep toed shoes

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7. Feeling pain with every step that you take

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8. Thinking of the humiliation you’d face if you fall down

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9. Taking off your heels and having to walk barefooted


10. Not being able to run


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11. Trying to break into a pair of new heels and feeling the most intense pain


12. Having to deal with a burning sensation in your foot while you wear heels. Seriously, heels set your feet on fire.

13. Standing on one leg when nobody is looking, just to get some relief


14. Falling down while walking in heels, even though there’s nothing to trip you


15. Desperately looking for somewhere to sit

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16. Envying women who rock heels so effortlessly


17. Telling yourself you’ll never wear heels again

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18. Only to pay for the next pair of glam heels you find

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19. Because you know that beauty is pain!

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20. And pretty heels are just so worth it


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