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Trust new makeup trends to throw you off guard.

Day in and day out, make-up artists are in a challenge to do something daring no one has ever done before. Under normal circumstances, it would have been a waste of time to try some weird trend on someone but trust the likes of the Kardashians to make it trend, whoosh!! the whole world is on to it no matter how awkward it is.

For some days now, we’ve noticed some eyebrow trends such as the squiggly eyebrow trend and thought that was all for now but we had a surprise when we realised it is actually just the beginning of more to come.

Apart from the squiggly eyebrow trend, we stumbled upon more trends that will leave you in awe. The situation is so bad even P. Diddy has gone on a campaign to bring back our regular eyebrows.

all these terrible eyebrow trends 😂 #bringbackregulareyebrowsnow

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Now, just in case you thought you’ve seen it all, here are 12 new eyebrow trends that will give you the creeps.


1. The Squiggly Eyebrow Trend.


2. The Palm Fronds Eyebrow Trend (I made that up).


3. The Barbed Wire Eyebrow Trend.


4. The Wavy Eyebrow Trend.


5. And this…

What do you all think of the newest brow trend? Is it s hit or miss? #waveyeyebrows #eyebrowtrends #hudabeauty

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6. The Braided Eyebrow Trend.


7. The Autumn Eyebrow Trend.


8. More braided eyebrow trends.

I kinda like this trend🤷🏻? #eyebrowtutorials #eyebrowtrends #makeup #makeupart

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9. Ninja Assassin Eyebrow Trend (Made this up too).

Is this another one? __________________________________ #eyebrow #trends #eyebrowtrends #arch #makeup #mua #trending

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10. The Glitter Eyebrow Trend.


11. The Zigzag Eyebrow Trend.


12. The Imprisoned Eyebrow Trend (I think this name makes perfect sense).


13. Makeup artist: what you want?
Her: Gimme some love
Makeup artist: say no more

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14. The Nike Eyebrow Trend.

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