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I know the struggle of not being a fashionista, simply because I am not one.

So whenever some of my friends fuss over clothes I really wonder why, I mean it’s just material. So here I am trying to understand why anyone would follow trends or even talk about fashion for more than 5 minutes. For people who are not interested in fashion, their only concern is to dress as per the weather, if its cold then they will wear the heavy jacket they bought 6 years ago and if its hot then jeans and tee shirt do just well.

The whole point of clothes for such people is just to cover themselves so we avoid an Adam and Eve situation “omg, you’re naked” kind of thing. Here are the things that people who are not interested in fashion always think.

1. What do you mean it’s trending? So what?

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2. Did you just spend so much money on clothes instead of food?


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3. Why are fashion models so extra? Like we would never wear some of those atrocious outfits.


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4. So there’s a whole magazine with just fashion? Why would anyone buy that?


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5. Listen guys tee shirts and jeans are actually pretty cool.

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6. You know what? It is all about comfort so let me be.

7. Why can’t I just wear my favorite turtleneck even if it has holes? No one will see it.


8. So new clothes every now and then? Are your current clothes spoiled?


9. Isn’t fashion just history repeating itself in a cooler way?


10. Why should I have different pairs of jeans? All I need are three great ones and am settled.


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11. I don’t understand how people have to stop and buy an outfit that they hadn’t planned for.

12. You always end up buying similar things in different colors.


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13. Shopping makes me nervous because I have other better things to do like sleep.

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14. Why do people even have dress codes because I don’t need to be buying clothes for color.