When looking at the best protective hairstyles for black women, you want something that’ll actually do the trick.

Give you a way to wear your hair how you want to while causing minimal damage and moisturising or rehydrating the hair at the same time.

That’s where these beauties come into play, the best protective hairstyles for black women, and boy do they work!

1. Havana Twists

Using Havana hair extensions, these twists are created with two strands (rather than three with cornrows and braids). If you want bigger and fuller twists, you apply minimal tension. If you want thinner twists, you pull them tighter.

Havana twist


2. Faux Locs

Faux locs can be both temporary and permanent, giving you a beautiful way to protect your hair, the yarn or synthetic material woven around it.

Faux locs


3. Ghana Braids 

An African style of wearing your hair just as the name suggests, Ghana braids are long-lasting braids, offering a way for you to have fabulous hair when time just isn’t on your side.

ghana braids


4. Box Braids

Twist them over to one side, wear them loose, throw them back in a ponytail or weave them into a bun… There’s nothing you can’t do with the right box braids and even worn casually, they are beautiful to look at.

box braids


5. Crotchet Braids

When crochet braids unravel, they look beautifully curly and as long as you keep them well hydrated and maintained, frizziness will be at a low, ensuring you can wear your look for longer.



7. Custom Wig 

Of course, you could just all-out cheat and opt for a custom wig to perfect your look.



8. Bantu Knots 

Bantu knots are a super cool look if you can pull them off, very 90’s. But you know how fashion comes around – the 90’s look is back in again.

Bantu knots


9. Big Cornrows

With the ability to rock a number of complicated and intricate designs and styles, why wouldn’t you take full advantage of that?

Big cornrows


10. Yarn Twists

For an easy way to revitalize a look you’ve worn before, or perhaps you’ve been rocking for a while, is to add a touch of color when heading to the stylist.

yarn twist2


11. Simple Twist Cornrows

Flat twists are great for those who are new to the world of these protective styles for black women, and they’re easier than cornrows and other types of braids because you only work with two strands of hair rather than three.

Twist cornrows


12. Senegalese Twists

Also known as rope twists, Senegalese twists are an easily worn protective style often using Marley hair, Kanekalon hair, and also Toyokalon hair.

Senegalese Twists