Eid is here!

There’s no best time to bring out your best outfits and slay, than during the Eid celebration. Here are some outfits to give you ideas!


1. You could rock a colourful suit


2. Or a floral dress


3. Monochrome is always dope

EID MUBARAK… Very first picture after a long while… I hope you guys had an amazing Eid ☺️.

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4. Or an abaya in soft colours

Abaya from @nalimaboutique 💕 #habibadasilva

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5. A white dress if you really want to dress up


6. Or a simple abaya

AIR 🌬 @habibadasilva Abaya from @eloracollection #habibadasilva #habibadasilvaELMNT 📷 @maryamwm

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7. You really can’t go wrong with a floral dress

EARTH 🌏 Abaya from @confessionsoftheatelier #habibadasilva #habibadasilvaELMNT 📷 @maryamwm

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8. White for the win

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9. Or black

Fierce 🔥🔥🔥🔥

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10.  Black Abayas rock


11. Jazz up your look with some denim


12. Or wear a maxi skirt


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13. Bright colours to make you shine


14. Queens wear cape


15.  Denim and maxi skirt

WCE 💞💞💞

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16. Or a blazer


17. All black ensemble


18. For the girly girl


19. Embellishments rock


20. Pop of colour

The theme of the outfits below is BE BOLD! I chose this theme because its Eid and and positive energy all round should reflect in out EID outfit. First off is the black Leila Abayah I got from a great brand ARADHYA & LENORA . This Abayah in itself speaks confidence and and ultimate modesty. However, this abayah could be a total dress up or dress down. The one I choose o showcase is the dress up part. The Leila abayah could be worn on a regular with a body con dress since its an open abayah, and paired with slides and a sling bag leaving the abayah flying about. This is for a casual look. But to be totally dressed for eid, I've paired my Leila abayah with a basic top and a jean. I wore the Abaya in form of a wrap dress, holding it together with a belt of the same color as one of the sleeves. To give the bold effect, I adorn a red veil that obviously speaks FIERCE and paired with a studded heel. For a funky look, I wore a wired cat eared shaped glasses.

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