Image: ElikemKumordzie/Instagram

This is Elikem Kumordzie.

A fashion designer who goes by the brand name Elikem Kumordzie The Tailor.


And this is his wife Pokello, also known as the Queen of swagger.

Hair and nails always perfect

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Together they are Polikem.

Happy birthday @queenofswaggerofficialpage "2 heads are better than One"

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The two are a fashionable couple and so we expect nothing less from them when they step out but we never expected to see their kids also joining in on the slaying.

The Kumordzie’s stepped out and family goals got redefined.

Don’t they look beautiful?

The Kumordzies 😍😍 @elikemkumordzie @queenofswaggerofficialpage

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Now go find bae and start your own family.