Zari Responds To A Hater Who Called Her A Prostitute

Zari responds to a hater who called her a prostitute. 

Diamond’s baby mama posted hot photos of herself in her bathing suit and she looked amazing. The mother of 5 is still as stunning as she was when she was a teenager and her confidence might just rub some people the wrong way. Zari Hassan has enough haters on her platform but she never takes the silent approach on her haters. When she was with Diamond she used to avoid confrontations and would respond to comments only when she really needed to. But here she is now, living her best life, glowing the right way and clearly still has the right things to say to her haters.

A hater wrote in Swahili and asked Zari why she’s stopped being slutty/prostitute. 

Vipi umeacha umala*a siku hizi…

Of course that’s a very invalid accusation and especially coming from a woman. No matter what a woman is or whatever her past may be it is always such a low blow for a woman to be so disrespectful to another woman. Zari is a self-made woman, classy and quite bold. For someone to come and disrespect her you really wonder on what grounds anyone would have to call her a prostitute.

But Zari is a whole grown woman who can stand up for herself very well. 

Utasema yeye ndio ananipanuaga migu????

She asked the fan if she’s the one who opened her legs for her which would shut anyone up really. Don’t come for Zari unless you’re ready to have a serious clap back from her and her other fans as well. Honestly, women can be their own enemies and it’s honestly very disappointing on so many levels.

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