YY Comedian Vows To Keep Daughter Away From Social Media

Famous entertainer YY Comedian has shared why he will not be opening an Instagram account for his newborn daughter, Circe Gaona.

The content creator and his lover Marya recently welcomed their first child, news that left many of their fans delighted.

In a recent interview, the comedian was asked about opening an Instagram account for his daughter, which he vehemently declined.


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YY said it would be silly considering he will be the one posting and not the kid and at times complimenting himself using the other’s account.

He added that the page would still be his, and Gaona does not release content like his sister, Bridgit Bema, famous for her hilarious school videos.

“Hio tutakuwa tunadanganyana (We’ll be lying to each other) because she does not do content like my sister does content so that page is hers. So if a kid does not produce any content it means the page will still be mine. It is me still posting the everyday, it’s a lot of work,” he said.

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