Yvonne Okwara Is Being Attacked For Defending Brenda Ivy After Her Nudes Were Leaked

Citizen TV news anchor, Yvonne Okwara, has found herself on the wrong side with netizens after reprimanding those attacking COVID-19 warrior, Brenda Ivy.

Okwara awakened a heated argument on social media following her remarks during her show, The Explainer, on Thursday, April 2.

The anchor was trying to defend Brenda and she thought people had lost it by attacking the young lady on social media.

She said: 

I have a different view.

The CS absolutely had to speak categorically on how people behaved on social media. Let me say this, It is absolutely shameful how we behaved. We are trying to bring people down and we want to prove that we have receipts.

She added: 

If you have holes to poke, do them in that story

Going through the comments, most people defended the attack on Brenda online saying she had contradicting information in the various TV interviews she attended.

The majority felt that the young lady was given too much spotlight and instead she should have gone back home after her video interview with the president.

Robert Alai attacked her and said that she needs to think before speaks.


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