Xtian Dela Brags About How He’s Made Nearly Sh6 Million From Club Covid

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As some of you ladies scramble to twerk on Club COVID for a few coins, Xtian Dela is laughing all the way to the bank.

For Just the three months the popular online show has been running, Dela says he has managed to collect Sh5,875,602 and paid 576 talented twerkers.

Dela revealed the details while speaking to comedian Jalang’o on his YouTube show adding that the highest amount that he has ever collected in a single night during the online show was Sh700,000.

He says he started the show to help talented artistes who lost their jobs due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“How Club COVID started a lot of entertainers lost business, events zilianguka, video vixens, dancers talented people wasanii they all lost their jobs,”

Explained Xtian Dela

“I know these people and there is nothing as painful as someone calling you in the morning anakwambia umsaidie tuu na 100 shillings juu hajakula the previous day.”

“And I kid you not the first time I started I did not think it was going to be this huge. Mimi nilianzisha show nikaambia watu, okay guys I have these talented guys over here so whatever you want to send them just send.”

“People then started coming out, kiujinga it started growing. There is something about Kenyans and appreciating talent. People started sending more money, someone even sent Sh100,000,” said Xtian Dela.

The blogger has landed in trouble before because of the show after parents accused him of broadcasting obscene content.

He has also been accused of reportedly engaging young girls before the show then later raising funds to pay them.

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