Wondering who the late Moi’s wife was? See these photos.

One thing we never really knew about the late Moi was his wife. Moi kept his family life out of the public, he managed to separate his personal life from politics and that’s why we knew very little about his wife. For so many years I remember seeing him alone, never heard of mistresses and definitely no children from different baby mama’s. But of course his kids came from somewhere and her name was Lena. See the photos below of her.

1. Leina with her grandchild 

2. Moi with his wife during a US visit

3. Lena with her son

4. Moi and Lena in Washington

5. Moi with other ministers and his wife

6. Lena at her son’s wedding

It looks as if they had good days together and though we know little about her it’s clear that she was always a strong part of their lives.

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